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Lee Porter, MSN, NP, CNS
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Lee Porter, MSN, NP, CNS
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Lee Porter, MSN, NP, CNS

Lee Porter, MSN, NP, CNS, is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) with a clinical interest in psychophysiology.  Lee Porter is both a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) in psychiatry and an adult primary care nurse practitioner (NP).  He holds national board (ANCC) certifications in both these specialties. He is also board certified in biofeedback and EEG neurofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) .

Lee Porter has been in clinical practice for over twenty-five years. His experience includes in-patient and outpatient psychiatry, primary medical care, community based and private practice, and patient care and research support at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Mr. Porter has been a resident of Wilmington since 2000. Married for over 30 years, he is a father of a son who recently graduated college.

Professional Licenses:  Lee Porter, MSN, NP, CNS is licensed in Oregon, Washington and North Carolina.

Registered Nurse (RN),  (North Carolina, Oregon, Washington)

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS),   (North Carolina, Oregon*)

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), Washington*

Nurse Practitioner (Oregon*)

(* licensed with independent prescriptive privileges)
BCN - BCIA Board Certified in EEG Neurofeedback, Professional and Mentor
BCB - BCIA Board Certified Biofeedback, Professional and Mentor
NP - ANCC Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner
CNS - ANCC Board Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist in Mental Health
Psychophysiology doctoral coursework - Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation
Neurofeedback, QEEG Analysis - Southeastern Biofeedback Institute
Internship in Psycho-pharmacology - University of Virginia, Medical Center, Graduate School of Pharmacology
Clinical Nurse Specialist in Mental Health & Psychiatry - University of Virginia, Graduate School of Nursing
Nurse Practitioner - clinical component, George Washington University Medical School
MS Nursing - George Mason University, collaborative nurse practitioner program
BS Nursing - The Johns Hopkins University
BA - Franklin and Marshall College

American Nurses Association
Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
International Society of Neurofeedback Research

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