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Medical case management

Need help...

learning about your medications or managing multiple medications?

coping with a major illness? 

understanding your medical tests and results?  

sorting out the risks and benefits of specific treatments?

managing the medical care for an aging parent? 


Allied Psychophysiology offers an advanced nursing practice, client-centered approach to medical case management for older adults, disabled persons, or individuals with serious or complicated chronic or subacute medical conditions.  Case management services are available to help improve the client’s quality of life and reduce family stress through:

  • Health and behavior assessment and monitoring
  • Planning, advocacy and care coordination
  • Patient and family education
Medical case management enhances and coordinates the medical care provided by your healthcare team.  Case consultation helps patients and families navigate the complex medical system and the range of treatment options available. 

Lee Porter, MSN, NP, CNS works with patients and their families to empower individuals and families to understand and choose the best treatment options for themsleves and their loved ones.  Medical case management also provides caring and support to help patients adhere to medical orders and instructions.

Please contact the practice for details.

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