Allied Psychophysiology
Lee Porter, MSN, NP, CNS
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Stress related illness
Neuro-cardiac rehabilitation
Anxiety, panic and PTSD
Attention-deficit disorder
Brain injury - post-concussive syndrome
Medical case management
Other services
Other services

Lee Porter, MSN, NP, CNS offers the following specialty services on an individual contract basis:

  • Disability support services
  • Biofeedback for peak performance training and stress management 
  • Neurofeedback and mindfulness training for substance and alcohol abuse, attention problems, and brain injuries
  • Biofeedback and neurofeedback mentoring for licensed health professionals
  • QEEG services for neurofeedback therapists
  • PEER (referenced EEG) telemetry collection for neuropsychiatric medication recommendations
  • Cannabinoid medical consultations and education
  • Expert nursing testimony and legal support 
  • Medical case management  (see page link)

Please contact the practice for details.


WelcomeAboutConditions Treated