Allied Psychophysiology
Lee Porter, MSN, NP, CNS
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Mindfulness and Neuroscience

Psychophysiology is the study of the relationships between psychology and physiology - behavioral and anatomical systems. Psychophysiology in health care treatment is an integrative approach that addresses the relationship between mental activity, emotions, and physical functions - the science of mind-body inter-connection. The discipline is sometimes referred to as "cognitive neuroscience" in the current medical literature. The focus on the interface of mind and body makes psychophysiology distinct from psychology or medicine.  

Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
The term biofeedback refers to a technique that uses the science of psychophysiology for clinical applications. Biofeedback instrumentation monitors, measures and displays physiological parameters in a meaningful way to assist the user to shape physiological responses for desired health outcomes.

Allied Psychophysiology uses biofeedback and other interventions that apply concepts of learning theory to effect optimal changes in health and physiology in patients who are actively engaged in treatment.

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