Allied Psych – A Web History

Lee Porter, MSN, NP, CNS-PMH, established an innovative and compassionate advanced mental health nursing practice in beautiful Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The practice, Allied Psychophysiology, provided personalized, integrative mental health care, psychotherapy, biofeedback and mindfulness, and cardiac and neuro-rehabilitation therapies, from 2005-2015. Patient outcomes were significantly better than the typical rushed reimbursement-driven medical practices.

Photo Credit: Wilmington Star-News

Where is Allied Psych?

Allied Psychophysiology closed its Wrightsville Beach office in in 2015. The practice remained open providing clinical consultations through 2018.

Mr. Porter is no longer accepting patients from NC. Allied Psychophysiology permanently closed in 2019.

Lee Porter, MSN, NP, CNS-PMH, is licensed in Oregon and works as a nurse practitioner and a nurse clinical specialist in psychiatry and mental health.  His practice is in both direct, private patient care and in healthcare policy. His clinical focus is on care of adults with anxiety, attention, and adjustment disorders. Mr. Porter’s policy focus is in health equity and medical stigma, especially with respect to privacy protections, impacts to and access by vulnerable populations, and the role of information technologies in healthcare.